A Pioneer Approach

Most companies feed cattle with grains and feeds that are actually harmful to the cattle. We believe in taking the original pioneer protein and perfecting it through loving and caring growth. Bovines were meant to eat grasses naturally. Fast finishing their growth with GMO grains makes the marbling look shiny and pretty, but it does no favors to the cattle or the humans that eat the beef.

No confined animal feeding operations (CAFOS)

A happy life for the cattle provides a healthier life for humans also. We scratch and pet our cattle with the love that their Kobe counterparts in Japan receive. We replace the saki with gingerbread cookies and fruit, but the babies still love them!

No Hormones

We use no hormones, and only antibiotics in critical situations. We do use antiparasitics in the first six months for the welfare of the cattle and our customers. We challenge anyone to find a more happier and content group of cattle, enjoying the life they deserve.


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