Grass Fed, Grass Finished Kumamoto Imperial Red Wagyu VICTORY BEEF!

Non-GMO, Dry Aged, Non-Hormone. Lean and Healthy. Promotes Good Cholesterol Levels and High in Oleic Acid, “a breed beyond” Japanese Wagyu and their hybrids

Our History

Kelly Glazener and his father formed KV Cattle Co., LLC in 1992. After losing both parents to cancer, Glazener determined to make the company into something his father would be proud of, while promoting beef that wouldn’t become a factor in causing cancer. When he and his wife moved the majority of KV Cattle from Texas to Tennessee, they created Victory Beef, LLC. The business focuses on breeding cattle the pioneer way then beyond, providing a healthy alternative to “average” feedlot finished beef, or “normal” beef to the average consumer.

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Our “Coosies”

Following the Civil War, the beef market in Texas expanded, requiring cattlemen to travel sometimes months at a time to herd cattle. In order to keep all the men fed, a chuck box was added to their wagons to serve as a mobile kitchen run by the cook, often known as “coosie,” and his right hand man, the hoodlum. Some of the best meals have been served by “coosies” from chuckwagons! Click below for cooking tips and recipes from some of our finest chefs.​

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Victory Beef

Our Beef Is:

  • Dry aged
  • Best Ratios of Monounsaturated Fat
  • Promotes Good Cholesterol
  • Raised naturally without genetically modified feed
  • Grass fed and finished
  • Not Raised with Growth Hormone


Victory Beef, LLC
6315 Martin Creek Road
Bloomington Springs, TN 38545​



Our beef is shipped at -3 degrees on dry ice, from flash frozen freezers. We primarily only do overnight, next day, or 2nd day air––the latter being on rare occasion, as we want it Packed, On the Way, and There, ASAP. While this shipment is more expensive, it is necessary, as getting a full sized beef typically takes 3 years to raise. With the unbelievable amount of hay we feed these guys, on top of their pastures, there is a great deal of investment in each adult. We are not a huge company and have much more demand than supply most of the time. Bottom line, we just can’t afford to lose a shipment to delivery errors.​

Please Keep in Mind:

To receive a shipment by Friday, your order must be placed by the preceding Wednesday.

Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning our beef.

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