Health Mission

Natural, “Pioneer” Perfected Beef​

We took KV Cattle to the next level in the lush valleys of Tennessee and began focusing on breeding cattle that would provide a delicious but healthy alternative to “normal beef.” We found that by breeding in good attributes and breeding out the bad, we could have a healthy beef that was better in cholesterol, had a healthier fat in the intramuscular area, and could be raised naturally without genetically modified feed. We accomplished this by choosing to grass feed and finish our cattle for their entire life, setting us apart from the norm.​

By not using growth hormones and only using antiparasitics in the early life of the cattle, our beef is free of harmful parasites, as well as free of harmful chemicals when they mature.

We now have reached the GOLD STANDARD by taking the pioneers’ original sources of protein and perfecting them through logic and natural means to be healthy. The types of Wagyu (Japanese) cattle we use are world-renowned for their exclusive taste and marbling, yet are in the top tier regarding Oleic Acid and Monounsaturated Fat, promoting a healthy HDL/LDL level.

It’s like eating Tuna but with the explosive flavor of uber prime beef!​

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