Victory Beef

Red/Brown Kumamoto Wagyu/Kobe Beef​​

Our beef is aged, non-gmo, no hormone, no antibiotic, limited parasitic, and grass FED and FINISHED. With our pioneer methods, our beef is healthier, tastier, and safer to feed to yourself, your kids, and your grandkids in comparison to “normal beef.”​​

Quality, Pioneer-Perfected Beef​

Victory Beef, LLC raises a blended beef carcass that has, what we believe, are the best aspects that can be produced in a non-GMO, all grass fed and finished environment. Our beef is not shiny red with bright white marbling as you would get with grain fed beef. Instead, we invest more time and expense into our cattle to create good marbling and healthy fat content. We want good beef but not antibiotic-ridden cattle.

We do not claim to be organic, because we do use antiparasitics on the young calves to eliminate harmful parasites from their systems. Without those antiparasitics, we believe the chances of organisms hurting either the animals or consumers is just too high.

Our beef tastes right. It doesn't taste like grain-fed beef. It tastes wholesome and natural. Many people even say it has a tinge of a wilder taste like wild deer or elk. That is simply because these guys live the same way. Off the land. Like the Pioneers did. PIONEER PROTEIN PERFECTED!​

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